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One of the four major Earth-related international year initiatives is the International Heliophysical Year, which will focus on fundamental global questions of Earth-Heliosphere connected science. Since it has been evident for some time that events on the Sun can affect geospace, as well as the Earth’s climate, the objective of the IHY is to discover the physical mechanisms at work which couple the Earth to events from the heliosphere.

This coordinated, worldwide effort to study global phenomena will advance our knowledge of the global heliosphere and its interaction with planetary bodies and the interstellar medium. The philosophy of the scientific activities for IHY is to embrace the interests and inputs of the contributing scientists, and consortia, making the organization a ”bottom-up” initiative with IHY as a mechanism for organizing and coordinating these submissions. The benefits to this process are considerable, but among them can be mentioned the connections made between related proposals and the help in establishing contact with representatives of facilities needed to support a proposed activity. The proposals can also be linked with other IHY activities and public outreach programmes, thereby raising public awareness of space physics.

The IHY has three primary objectives: 1. Advancing our Understanding of the Fundamental Heliophysical Processes that Govern the Sun, Earth and Heliosphere; 2. Continuing the tradition of international research and advancing the legacy on the 50th anniversary of the International Geophysical Year; 3. Demonstrating the Beauty, Relevance and Significance of Space and Earth Science to the World. The IHY is an integrated program of many diverse activities working on an international level to achieve all of the above goals.

Swedish National Coordinator:
Henrik Lundstedt,
Swedish Institute of Space Physics,
Tel: +46-46-286 2120
Fax: +46-46-
E-mail: henrik@lund.irf.se
Internet: www.irf.se/Offices/Lund

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