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CV for Sheila Kirkwood Version 20 February 2008

Personal details

full name: Prof. Sheila Catherine Kirkwood

address: Atmospheric Physics Programme, Swedish Institute of Space Physics

Box 812, S-98128 Kiruna, SWEDEN

telephone: fax:

email: www:

Academic career

Abeyhill, Leith Academy and James Gillespies High schools, Edinburgh

1974 BSc (hons) Geophysics, Edinburgh University

1978 PhD in geophysics (seismology), Edinburgh University

Title ’ Seismic surface waves and anisotropic alignments in the oceanic upper mantle’

1990 PhD in Space Physics, UmeĆ University : Title ’ Electrodynamics of the auroral E region’

1991 Reader (docent) in space physics (UmeĆ University)

1998 - Professor of Atmospheric Physics, Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Kiruna

Post-Doc and other professional appointments

assistant lecturer in Physics, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria

part-time physics lecturer at Napier Technical College, Edinburgh

research scientist in geophysics, Edinburgh University, Scotland

research scientist in ionospheric physics Lancaster University, England

staff scientist at EISCAT radar facility, Tromsö, Norway

NFR senior research fellow at IRF Kiruna ('särskildforskare')

Current position

1987-present staff scientist at Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF), Kiruna

1996- head of the Atmospheric Physics Programme at IRF

1998 - Professor of Atmospheric Physics

2001- head of the Geophysical Observatory at IRF

Recent External Appointments

member of Swedish IGBP/WCRP committee (KVA)

associate editor J. Atmos. Sol. Terr. Phys.

associate editor J. Geophys. Res.

2001 - member of Swedish Space Board reference group for Atmospheric Research

2003 chairman of the board of Kiruna Science Center (Laboteket)

member of the board of WIPS (Women in Physics in Sweden)

2004 - member of Swedish IGBP/WCRP committee (KVA)

2008- Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Geosciences

(ledamot, Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien, klass V, Geovetenskaper)


Member of Swedish Antarctic expeditions SWEDARP2003 , SWEDARP2007/08