Network for Groundbased Optical Auroral Research in the Arctic Region

The network is a project financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers for the period 2006-2012. The objective is to strenghten the collaboration between research groups in the European Arctic region working in the field of optical auroral research and to conduct excellent scientific work in this field.

Fact sheet in English
Fact sheet in Swedish

Wiki for auroral imaging

The wiki includes a discussion for developing software, including the AIDA tools software package, as well as operation of imagers. It is aimed to share problems and ideas of e.g. geometric and intensity calibration, tomography and triangulation of auroral images. We also exchange experiences and keep a log of operational issues such as imaging modes, calibration, data flow and format etc.

If you want to get access to the wiki, please contact Carl-Fredrik Enell, carl-fredrik.enell at for password info.

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